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I am so eager to be a part of your journey on how to construct creativity in an infinite world of possibilities as a Visual Content Designer.
Not only is LEGO a place to play, but to me, it also symbolises how you embrace people across gender, colour or disability. You preserve a healthy future with sustainability through planting trees and replacing materials in plastic production. At LEGO kids will not only get to explore their creativity but they will get an insight of how to keep the creativity alive around us in a healthy environment. 
I believe that your core values are what drive employees to excel at their best. I would be proud to represent a place where there is a place for everyone at LEGO.
As a person, I am curious, which is why I enjoy working on various creative tasks. As a colleague, I am easy to get along with and good at collaborating. With a background in; 2 years as an UI designer in Mobile Games, 2 years as a freelance Illustrator and 2+ years as a Graphic Designer, daily tasks that are conceptual, collaborative and creative is where I thrive. 
I am ready for DAYS with...
..The day starts with an overview of what the day is about: Are there any deadlines that have first priority?
..Daily sparring and collaboration across disciplines and relevant partners
..Create assets in 2D or 3D, 2D animations and other elements
..Integrate assets in CMS
..Maintain design according to visual documentation 
Why choose me? Choose me because of my passion; when I do what I am passionate about I am a workforce! I have so much to give, not only in terms of skills, but also as a person.
Lego idea: danish collab
I added an example of a LEGO concept. LEGO and Subway Surfers. Jake as a BrickHeadz. He has his awesome board and a part of the concept includes a way to portray your current high-score with the character. 
Sketch of concept with mini figures
.. Thanks for looking through my application
I hope this has sparked an interest. Looking forward to hearing from you!
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