From March to Septemper of 2020 I worked as a freelance illustrator for Graitor. I created a visual direction for the illustrations, and did character design for the bottle. The main goal was to use illustrations that could (though an onboarding process) communicate their apps vision. You can see some of the illustrations here.

Role: Freelance illustrator /Client: Graitor​​​​​​​
The Pant concept. This concept has two different branches  — the first branch is where you can choose to collect bottle deposit at someone else. The other branch you can choose to get your own bottle deposit collected by some else (so you don't have to). In each cases, both branches will see the same homescreen but can either choose "få din pant afhentet(Pick up bottle deposit)" or "afhent pant hos andre (Pick up bottle deposit for others)". 
Below is some sketches for the bottle character.
A value sticker concept. The main idea of this concept was to have a "green valuta", so customers could receive a reward e.g. throw away the trash. The idea was to use a RFID / NFC-reader in a sticker.
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