Can I sail on adventures with Set Snail?
Hi Set Snail

My name is Lærke Elina. I want to get in touch with you! Now, you might ask: Why do I want to be a part of Set Snail?

AH-HA! I already have an answer: I want to be a part of the snail-gang because your mindset and product creation excites me!
First up you know how to create and provide visually stunning work that adapts to the visual identity and story of a given product.

Secondly your work ethic! Having snail-house rules gives a mutual way to respect each others work and as people. At your work you don’t have to fit in a specific box, as you put it: “People are different and that is great”!
. . .
With a curious and nerdy shell I love to learn new things which I can use to contribute with...

..Having a playful and quirky mind helps me to create and combine narratives and concepts
..Bring a positive mindset and a good ping-pong between colleagues

..Work from a brief and follow it to a final design. Throughout this process, I am good at taking direction and adapting form it

..Don’t worry about task management. I organize my work through Notion: I live for a colourful and structured task management system!
. . .
Let me know when your ship is sailing 
Since I live in Aarhus, I would love to come by your office for a talk.
Kind regards / Lærke Elina Jensen

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