■ Kiloo Games
In 2021 I started working at KILOO Games. First project I was a part of was the mobile game MetroLand. The game was already well established in terms of look and feel. Below I have picked out different elements from the game. Daily task for me was primarily on UI screens and elements.
In MetroLand there is a game mode called Challenges. Here the player can play three different challenges: Hack Attack, Time Trial and Gold Rush.
I worked on different elements in Challenges such as; creating a start screen banner with a count down, icons and headers for each challenge.
The headers below are first designed in Unity with positioning the characters then after polished in Photoshop. 
An update for MetroLand consisted of the feature Talent. Here the player can unlock different Talents which gives the player extra power. The design process are first designed in Unity with positioning the elements then polished in Photoshop. 
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