I believe storytelling is an essential part of life. How many times a day do you catch yourself seeing a person and think: “Where is that person heading? Maybe to a job interview or did he oversleep?” or  “What a powerful attitude she has! I wonder where she is working?” Stories build us and LEGO gives us a tool to make that story visible.
This chance to be a part of your Agency that combines product communication with storytelling, it is a chance I don’t want to miss!
In my backpack​​​​​​​
With me on the team you will get an employee that can contribute with a curious and nerdy mindset that lives for enhancing the visual experience through storytelling. 

3+ years
Of freelance experience with focus on creating visual identity, icons and illustrations. I have learned to lead a project from start to finish.

2+ years
Of experience from a part-time job, study job as an intern from a travel agency and a design agency I can contribute with providing various touch points such as; Design layout for analog material: posters, brochures, newspaper, etc., creating social media content across different brands, web design, maintain websites through WordPress and create newsletters through MailChimp.

1,8+ years
As a UI/UX Designer from a mobile game studio, I have learned to be a part of a big production and contribute with; creating UI elements from quick sketches into final render, collaborating with coworkers and adapting to the given critique, work responsive from phone to tablet.

Ready to play!
And excited about building the digital experience at LEGO! Looking forward to hear from you, it would be an absolute honour be a representative for LEGO. 
Kind regards 
Lærke Elina Jensen

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