In May to June of 2021 I was an intern at Innovation Lab as a digital designer. I did a case where the focus was to optimize the UX of ProjectPad. As an illustrator, I did illustrations for various blogposts.
Role: Intern /Agency: Innovation Lab /Client: Internal tasks​​​​​​​
ProjectPad was a case I worked on while being an intern. Firstly, I got a brief of the website and the main goal of the redesign - which was to improve the user experience. I started with a sketch to lay out the current website. It helped me gain insight into the structure and what might improve the overall user experience. I took all my thoughts and put them into a sketch which you can see below.
My initial thought was that the front page should give a feeling more than showing a tool. Firstly, I wanted the user to identify or recognize with different kinds of problems, e.g. "It shouldn't take 19 e-mails to figure out where the Christmas party is held". Secondly, I wanted to show them ProjectPads tool and how it can help them with their problems.
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